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        Colorway (Kunshan) Chemical Co.,Ltd.
        ◇   Colorway Solvent Dyestuff
        ◇   Metal complex dye
        Add: 303#, Nansong RD, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.
        Zip: 215300
        Tel: +86-512-57515288
        Fax: +86-512-57515287
        E-mail: info@chdye.com
        Foreign trade department: wm@solventdyes.com
        CH-1005 YELLOW HLR Download 
        CH-2001 ORANGE 3G Download 
        CH-3005 RED EG Download 
        CH-4001 VIOLET B Download 
        CH-5004 BLUE 2B Download 
        CH-6001 GREEN 5B Download 
        CH-1802 OB-1 Download 
        CH-B012 Download 
        CH-B013 Download 
        Above all English version test report, our products all have SGS inspection report, but there are Chinese version, if you need other products' inspection SGS report of English version , please contact our us.
        9 Records
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